Standards of Manufacturing Practices

Coalision is dedicated to conducting its operations throughout the world based on principles of ethical business practices and recognition of the workers' integrity. We expect and require that each of our business partners, as well as their suppliers and authorized sub-contractors (collectively our “Business Partners”) share in these ethics and share our commitment to promot the best practices and continuous improvement in employee health and safety, compensation and benefits, conditions of employment, recognition of the rights of individuals, and non-discrimination in all aspects of employment. We also expect and require that each of our Business Partners comply with all applicable national and local laws in the operation of their business. We will utilize these criteria to evaluate our relationships with our Business Partners. We are committed to continuously improve our services in a responsible manner. We reserve the right to cease doing business with Business Partners that do not comply with our standards of manufacturing practices contained herein and that can be amended from time to time (the “Standards of Manufacturing Practices”) or with the applicable laws and regulations or with prevailing industry practices.

Child labour

Our Business Partners cannot employ any person below the age of 16. Where local standards are higher, our Business Partners will not employ a person under such legal minimum age.

Forced Labour

Our Business Partners will not use forced labour in any form (prison, indentured, blackmailing, bonded or otherwise) or arrange for the purchase of any material from suppliers who use forced labour, whether in the form of prison, indentured, slave or any other form of compulsory labour.

Disciplinary practices

Our Business Partners cannot employ or conduct any business activity with persons who employ any form of physical or mental coercion or punishment against workers.


Our Business Partners will not practice nor do business with people who practice any form of improper discrimination in hiring and employment including on the basis of age, race, colour, gender or religion.

Wages / Benefits

Our Business Partners must comply with all applicable laws and regulations regarding minimum wages, overtime compensation, and legally mandated benefits. Wage and benefit policies must be consistent with prevailing national standards, and also be acceptable under a broader international understanding as to the basic needs of workers and their families.

Working Hours

Our Business Partners must comply with all applicable laws and regulations regarding working hours; use overtime only when each employee is fully compensated according to applicable laws and regulations and, must operate in a manner that promotes humane and productive hours of work and working conditions. In addition, our Business Partners must inform each employee at the time of hiring if mandatory overtime is a condition of employment.

Health & Safety

Our Business Partners must ensure that their employees are provided a safe and healthy work environment; and are not subject to unsanitary or hazardous conditions.


Our Business Partners must embrace a fundamental concern for environmental protection and conduct their operations in accordance with both local and international applicable environmental laws, regulations and practices.

Legal requirements

Our relationship with our Business Partners must be built on mutual respect and adherence to legal requirements. Our Business Partners must observe local and international laws, regulations and standards.

Ethical Standards

We are dedicated to conduct all aspects of our business in a manner consistent with ethical standards, and we will seek and utilize Business Partners who will do likewise, as this directly contributes to our corporate reputation and the collective success of our organization and selected Business Partners.


Our Business Partners cannot subcontract all or any part of the work on our products without our written consent, which will not be given unless each such sub contractors meet our Standards of Manufacturing Practices.


Our Business Partners must comply with applicable immigration and related laws and regulations to ensure that its employees may work for them in the country where the employees are providing services.

Conflict of Interest

Our Business Partners may not give Coalision’s employees a gift with a value in excess of US$75.00, and may not bribe foreign officials to benefit the company or its business.