At Paradox we developed a clothing line that is both technical and style-conscious, while maintaining the utmost respect for the environment. 

Our purpose is to create quality products at affordable prices while helping active people give back to nature by reducing their carbon footprint. 



Paradox is for both men and women, young and old alike. Our clients are active and curious outdoor enthusiasts. They are critical comparison shoppers who challenge us to go beyond the status quo. Our clients understand the benefits of a healthy lifestyle and they live it every day. They are acutely conscious of the world around them and want to do what they can to make it a better place. At Paradox, we take pride in our distribution network and in our on-time deliveries. We have readily adopted the production methods and the highest quality standards, which were already an integral part of the Coalision mindset. Paradox offers a custom line of superior quality products at highly competitive prices. Whether you're skiing in the Rockies or taking yoga classes, Paradox is committed to satisfying your needs in all aspects of the outdoor industry.