At Coalision, we make every effort to foster innovation and thereby contribute to the development of  progressive sportswear.

Since 1989, Coalision produces and distributes the Lolë brand: Technical, fashion-forward activewear inspired by wellness and Paradox, which offers high-performance base layers and outdoor clothing, in Canada, in the United States, and in Europe and Asia. Close to 300 employees are occupy our various locations: Our headquarters in Montreal (Canada), as well as our offices in Ontario, British Columbia and Alberta (Canada), New York and California (USA), and Biarritz (France).


At Coalision, we all truly share in our President and CEO’s values and beliefs. Like Bernard, we strongly believe that there is another way of doing business, and that there is another business model that can be better and more inspiring for the world.

Bernard has shared with us his belief in doing business while doing good for the community. He has shared it with his unique leadership skills that combine motivation, participation and recognition. We are very proud of his model and feel very fortunate to be part of this adventure with him. Bernard led two TED conferences on his new model vision and has been invited to share it on Bloomberg TV, with Forbes Magazine, Reuters, Paris Match, and Huffington Post to name just a few.

Following this philosophy, Bernard created, in 2011, the LOLË YELLOW LABEL Program based on smart consumption and community involvement.

You can view the essence of his vision in this video.